Fujiko - Shikomi Eyeliner 0.5g - 5 Types

Brand from Japan: Fujiko. Fujiko's eyeliner is Dot preparation and color playable. Fujiko's original W-end design. With a liner that can be prepared in 3 crotches and a color liner that you can play with colors, you can complete a big eye with a sense of omission with one! The dot liner, which is common to all five colors, is a natural prepared brown that subtly enhances the eyes and frame. The hard felt easily enters the eyelashes, and the dot line is easily completed just by placing it. It is easy to draw without bleeding with a moderately firm and supple brush. Waterproof. Smudge proof. Easy off with hot water. How to use: For lashes, use the prepared brown. Lay the brush sideways and pull it from the corner of the eye. Hold the brown brush vertically and squeeze it on the lower eyelid to complete the pseudo eyelashes! Play with a color liner on the outer corners of the eyes.

21.65EUR :


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